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ewriters founderGreetings from eWriters founder, Eike Christian Petering

I'm glad you're interested in our services! 

Organizations depend on well-written, professional copy. That's why, in 1998, I began to build up a team of experienced, highly skilled writers who could meet our high quality standards.

In creating etexter (our German copywriting branch) and eWriters, I wanted to make high-quality texts accessibly and available for anyone, whatever their need. eWriters comes out of my longstanding interest as a journalist and entrepreneur in the cross-section of convenient, modern communication technology and good writing.

I'm always happy to help out with advice, so feel free to contact me at any time!

Yours sincerely,
Eike Christian Petering


Eike has worked as a journalist and content writer for over 25 years. After training as an editor at German Journalism School, he worked for Financial Times, ZDF German television and many more media organizations.

Since founding eWriters and MySpeechwriter (and their German equivalents), Eike has carefully curated an experienced team of trained and experienced writers and editors to draft personalized manuscripts for clients from all walks of industry and life.

With etexter and eWriters, as well as Redenservice and MySpeechwriter, Eike and his team of writers and editors provide clients with individualized texts and speeches quickly and on demand, in both German and English.

Eike continues to write today, as well as hosting events and putting his skills and experience to good use in other ways, such as publishing three books (in German) which have focused on both the writing sector as well as the broader German economy. 

The texts by Mr Petering combine thoroughness with a fine sense of language, perfect stylistics and creative jokes.


He has a very good sense of language and sound background knowledge.

(Financial Times)