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Your online presence is important. It's how many people first find your services, and get a sense of who you are. When the written word is your primary tool, don't risk your reputation. Our professionally-trained writers and editors at ewriters will make sure your website stands out, informative and efficient, yet approachable and friendly.

ewriters considers your end goals from the start:

Any format, any style, any sector

Today's business websites are made up of a variety of content. From your company history, to product descriptions, to blogs, each section has its own writing formats, just as each industry sector has its own terminology and style. Poor wording or typos – even small ones – can have a huge impact on perception. Don't risk your reputation, contact ewriters for that professional touch. 

Our experienced writers and editors have written for numerous sectors over many years, and are familiar with the nuances of different text requirements. Just tell us what you need:

Our writing will highlight your particular expertise while strengthening your client connection. And, if direct updates are what you're after, no problem! Our writers are familiar with current CMS programs, so whether it's an overhaul of your website texts or full blog management, we're able to assist.

ewriters is committed to writing unique, well-researched texts that ensure your site is attractive and engaging. Our order manager helps you keep track of your content orders, whether one or many, and completed texts can be downloaded securely via our order management system.

With our help, your content will be more than merely accurate – it will draw your reader to you, boosting your online reputation. ewriters texts are written by professionals who know their trade. 

ewriters: simply good writing.

Simply good text

Simply good text

Business, associations or private clients – ordering texts is simple. Turnaround as quick as 48 hours!

The best copywriters you'll find

The best copywriters you'll find

High standards in performing research, professional writing and perfect copyediting.

Premium services

Premium services

For when you need more than just a text agency: PR, coaching, corporate media, magazines and more.

Content (Sample Text)

Writing an appealing text requires not only expert knowledge of the content but also linguistic proficiency. Therefore, an important rule which was originally owed to space restrictions in print media continues to apply in the dot-com age: a text must be short and succinct.

Writing an appealing text requires not only expert knowledge of the content but also linguistic proficiency. Therefore, an important rule which was originally owed to space restrictions in print media continues to apply in the dot-com age: a text must be short and succinct.

No reader, no matter how interested, wants verbose essays which go back to the drawing board for everything. In the age of unlimited masses of text, this basic rule is essential. How do you phrase a text in a short and succinct way? By weighting correctly!

The key message goes to the top of the text: the topic and message must be clearly stated. The reader will decide after only a few lines whether, and how thoroughly, they will read the text. Of course, there are perfectly legitimate “baits” which can tip the scales in favour of the text. Surprising and unexpected topics will always beat news that is in line with expectations.

The famous example of “Man Bites Dog” can easily be transferred to economic life: “Employees Buy Own Company” is one such example. Anyone who can come up with new, unexpected, surprising facts should also put them front and centre in order to make their message interesting.

This will immediately attract more readers' attention. Superlatives are always a good choice, too: “World's Biggest Chocolate Factory Opened” sounds much more exciting than “Increased Production Capacity at New Venue.”

And if it is not the world's biggest chocolate factory, it will surely be the biggest chocolate factory in Germany, Bavaria, or the district, right? Apart from such general factors, readers often have a direct relationship with the text: are they perhaps customers of the company? Do they perhaps even plan to buy the products mentioned? The clearer the relationship is defined by the text's recipients, the more important this component becomes.

Therefore, a client newsletter can be formulated in an entirely different way from the publicly visible text on the company website. If the readers are already interested in a topic or product, they want direct, comprehensive information about it. Putting this requirement into practice is the key task for every writer. Does your topic have a time-sensitive component? Limited offers, end-of-range models, sweepstakes and similar campaigns usually make deliberate use of the time factor.

There is nothing wrong with this at first, except when it comes to common sense: if every month is a “Promotion Month,” the customer feels conned, and rightly so. It is especially important to remove texts after the campaign has ended or to write them in such a way that they will still work afterwards.

A special promotion “until April 2015” announced in 2020 is not just clumsy. In the dot-com age, it is also quick to imply discontinued business operations. Content may contain temporal references, but they must be kept up-to-date at all times. General factors, specific reader expectations, and the time factor: anyone who applies these basic rules writes better texts. Put your own writer to the test!


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Choose the type of text you're after, as well as your required length. The price of your text will be displayed on-screen. Next, provide us with any requests or details concerning content or writing style. Our copywriters will immediately get down to work to ensure that you receive your completed text by your deadline.


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I. General

Our services are provided in accordance with the following conditions which are binding upon agreement to the contract, unless alterations have been expressly agreed upon by both parties in writing. By ordering these services, the purchaser agrees to accept the following conditions. No changes to these Terms and Conditions is accepted unless otherwise expressly agreed upon by both parties in writing. The customer him- or herself must confirm whether they are obligated to the artist's social contribution.

1. By clicking on the purchase button the customer agrees to the prices and delivery conditions as displayed on the screen. Acknowledgment of the receipt of your order takes place simultaneously with the acceptance of your order, and an immediate automated e-mail with these conditions will be sent. With this e-mail confirmation, the contract is confirmed, and subject to the receipt of payment.

2. ewriters maintains the right to withdraw from any contracts for orders made to create scientific or academic papers. This includes texts intended for the purpose of obtaining an academic degree or academic publication. ewriters reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if a text has been ordered contrary to this regulation.

3. The customer warrants that the content and information provided for the creation of the ordered text is free of third party rights. The content and information provided by the customer must not violate the laws or rights of third parties. If content or information submitted by the customer to ewriters as part of the customer's order violates the rights of third parties, the customer is obliged to indemnify ewriters of any damages. In such cases, ewriters reserves the right to withdraw from the contract.

4. Should ewriters withdraw from the contract due to any of the above-mentioned violations made by the customer, particularly as denoted in I.2 and I.3, the customer is still obligated to pay the contractual amount. In such cases, payments already received will not be reimbursed by ewriters.

5. ewriters also reserves the right to withdraw from a contract of the order if:

  • the category of the text (i.e., Private, Business, Clubs and Associations) was selected incorrectly when ordering,
  • the text order requests inflammatory, hateful or xenophobic content,
  • the ordered text is requested to promote pornography, gambling, medically-unrecognized healing methods, occultism, or the like,
  • the ordered text requests fraudulent or endangering content,
  • the order is a request for a private text with personal or explicit content, or
  • the ordered text is a letter to public persons of the judiciary, public administration or politics.

6. Before submitting the binding order, all data fields will be summarized one last time and can be corrected at this point. ewriters saves the contract text and will send the customer both the order data and the Terms and Conditions by email. The Terms and Conditions can also be viewed at any time on the ewriters website.

7. ewriters does not offer any legal expertise or consultations, and is not obliged to do so.

8. Contract languages are English and German.


II. Payment

Advance payment shall be made directly after ordering the manuscript. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by using PayPal. The order is processed upon the receipt of cleared funds.


III. Delivery, Collaboration, Acceptance

1. The deadline for text delivery begins with the receipt of payment in advance; this is either on the day after issuing the purchase order to the bank, or, in the case of using another payment method, the day after the confirmation of the contract. The text delivery deadline is at the conclusion of the last day of the deadline. If the last day of the deadline period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a general public holiday as recognized in the place of delivery, the deadline will end on the next working day.

2. Timely delivery is subject to the condition that the specifications provided by the customer when placing the order are sufficient for the order to be processed properly. If it becomes apparent that the information or specifications of the order as communicated by the customer are insufficient, the customer will be informed of this immediately by telephone or email, with a request for further information. At this time, the customer will also be informed of the new delivery deadline.

3. In instances where force majeure, strikes, late third-party delays, unforeseen operational or shipping difficulties or other obstacles or circumstances occur that cannot be prevented despite due care and diligence, ewriters is released from the contractual obligations for the duration of the disruption, and to the extent of their effect. If the resulting delays exceed a period of six weeks, both contractual partners are entitled to withdraw from the contract with regard to the scope of the impact upon services, or to adapt the contract to this situation. Other claims do not exist.

4. The completed text will be uploaded to a password-protected online area, accessible at https://www.ewriters.biz/user/login. The customer has the option to request free amendments or a review within 10 days after the finished text has been uploaded by ewriters into the ewriters online area. The customer will be informed by email once the updates have been made. Changes requested within 10 days of the document being uploaded will be completed within one to five business days. The amended version of the text will also be available in the online section. Statutory warranty rights apply for the customer. If the customer is an entrepreneur, an association, a public law entity or a public special estate, the customer must report any errors within 10 days. After 10 days have passed since the final text upload, no claims for amendment or correction will be honored.

5. If the contractually-completed text has not been accessed online within 14 days of delivery to the customer, the text shall nonetheless be deemed to have been accepted. Acceptance shall also be deemed to have occurred if the customer makes use of the text or transmits the text to a third party for use. Before accepting the text, the customer is obliged to check it for errors. Additionally, the customer is required to check whether ewriters' services have infringed upon the rights of third parties or other laws.


IV. Liability

1. ewriters is excluded from liability for damages caused by ordinary negligence, unless they result from the breach of cardinal obligations or damage from injury to life, body or health, or claims under the Product Liability Act. This also applies to breaches of duty by our vicarious agents. Cardinal duties are those contractual obligations whose fulfillment make proper execution of the contract possible in the first place, and on the compliance of which the contractual partner may regularly rely.

2. Insofar as the customer has accepted ewriters' services, ewriters is not liable for any damages resulting from errors in its services that the customer could or should have recognized before acceptance of the text. In addition, ewriters is not liable for any legal violations resulting from content and information provided by the customer. The customer hereby indemnifies ewriters from all claims asserted by third parties to whom the customer has given the text for use.

3. In the case of breach of cardinal duties, liability in cases of ordinary negligence is limited to damages typically associated with the contract and foreseeable circumstances.


V. Right of Use

Subject to the payment of the invoice amount, ewriters transfers to the customer the exclusive rights to use the text with regard to content, time and space. In particular, the customer has the right to use the text commercially, as well as to grant third parties the right to use the text. However, third parties may not be allowed claim authorship of the text. The use of the text for punishable purposes and/or for scientific, academic or other examinable purposes is not covered by the granting of rights of use.


VI. General Information Requirements for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Pursuant to Article 14, Paragraph 1 ODR-VO and § 36 VSBG (Consumer Dispute Settlement Act)

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which can be found at this address: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

ewriters is not obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board.


VII. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

1. This contract is subject to German law. For customers, this choice of law applies only insofar as the protection afforded by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the customer has their habitual residence is not thereby withdrawn. A customer is any natural individual who enters into a legal transaction for purposes which are not predominantly commercial nor self-employed. An entrepreneur is any legal individual or partnership with legal personality who, in concluding the contract, is acting in the course of their commercial or independent professional activity.

2. If the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special public fund, Wilhelmshaven is the place of jurisdiction; however, ewriters is entitled to file claims against the customer in the legal context of the customer's place of residence.

The following cancellation policy applies to consumers:

(A consumer is any natural person who completes a legal transaction for a purpose that does not mainly pertain to neither their commercial activities nor their activities under self-employment.)

Cancellation Policy

Right of cancellation

You have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without stating any reasons.

The cancellation period shall be fourteen days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you shall notify us (ewriters, Eike Christian Petering, Geniusbankstr. 27, 26388 Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Phone: (+49) 4421 / 1306 843, Fax: (+49) 4421 / 1306 845, Email: info@ewriters.biz) of your decision to rescind this contract by means of an unambiguous declaration (e.g. a posted letter, a fax message, or an email). You may, but are not obligated to, use the enclosed sample cancellation form to do so.

The cancellation period shall be deemed kept if you post the cancellation notification before the cancellation period has expired.


Consequences of cancellation

If you cancel this contract, we shall be obligated to promptly reimburse all costs to you that we have received from you, including delivery fees (with the exception of additional costs incurred because you chose a delivery method that was different from the cheapest default delivery method suggested by us), no later than within fourteen days from the day on which we received your cancellation notification. We shall use the same method of payment for the reimbursement that you used in the original transaction, unless another method was expressly agreed with you, in which case we shall charge you with a fee for such reimbursement.

If you asked us to begin providing our services before the cancellation period has expired, you shall pay us an appropriate amount to cover the portion of services already provided up to the point in time when you notified us of your intentions to exercise your right of cancellation concerning this contract; that amount shall correspond to the provided portion of services as compared to the full extent of the services stipulated in the contract.


Sample Cancellation Form

(If you would like to cancel your contract, please complete this form and send it back.)

To: ewriters, Eike Christian Petering, Geniusbankstr. 27, 26388 Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Fax: +49 4421 / 1306 845, Email: info@ewriters.biz

I / We hereby cancel the contract concluded by me / us (*) concerning the purchase of the following goods (*) / provision of the following services (*)

Ordered on (*) / received on (*): ______________

Name(s) of consumer(s):  ______________________

Address(es) of consumer(s): ___________________________________________

Signature(s) of consumer(s)

(*) Please strike out all that do not apply


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