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eWriters News

eWriters News

As an innovative copywriting agency, eWriters aims to stay at the cutting edge. We combine high writing standards, trained and experienced editors, and modern technical solutions to offer unrivalled services. For over 20 years, eWriters customers have relied on us to keep abreast of new sector developments, such as being able to process extensive orders immediately with a binding delivery date online and hassle-free.

Bulk Orders (March 1, 2022)

Need to make numerous orders at once? A combination of cover letters, real estate listings, and website copy, for example? eWriters introduces our new bulk order option, allowing for up to 30 pages in total in just one order, allowing for a lower per-page price as the page number increases.

24/7 Availability (January 8, 2021)

Excellent customer service depends on open availability. You can reach eWriters seven days a week, around the clock, by phone or email. Contact us with any questions or concerns, and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Customer Portal (October 1, 2020)

Many of our clients make regular use of our copywriting services, for all varieties of writing. From cover letters to press releases to website copy, eWriters can do it all!

When you have numerous orders on the go, it's important to be able to track them all. We've updated our customer portal to do exactly this, adding delivery date information in addition to the general order overview. Completed orders will be permanently available through our system as well – along with their corresponding PlagScan certificate – allowing you to download them whenever, wherever, and as often as you need.

Orders of up to 30 Pages (May 27, 2020)

Thanks to a considerable increase in our capacities, you can now order up to 30 pages (12,000 words) at once through the eWriters order portal. As always, entering details and delivery date will display a binding quote. If selecting an additional language version of your order in German, the total size of your order can even be doubled. We are still open to even larger projects, contact us to determine a quote. Partial orders can also be placed simply and conveniently via the customer portal.

Copywriting During the Pandemic (16.03.2020)

eWriters is continuing operations throughout the pandemic. Contact us for any inquiries you may have, or to place orders. Quick delivery on orders such as newsletters, press releases, or blog posts is no problem in these difficult times. And, as always, we are always available by phone or email.

Top Ratings (January 3, 2020)

eWriters is proud to start 2020 with the excellent average rating of "Very Good", giving us the "Geprüfter Webshop" seal of approval. These top ratings are not only due to high quality copywriting, but also our high standard of customer service available at any time, which includes a free round of copy changes. Customers also reported that they appreciate the personal contact they received from Eike as the founder of the agency.

Holiday Messages (November 15, 2019)

Planning a holiday mailout this year? eWriters is here to write it for you! Whether maintaining professional relationships with your customer base, or building relationships with clubmembers, we'll make sure your message of holiday cheer is sincere and enthusiastic!

Plagiarism Checks (February 15, 2019)

eWriters promises that every text we write is unique. With trained writers beginning from scratch, and every order checked by fellow editors following the "four-eyes principle", eWriters ensures our high standards of quality. Even if editing your existing drafts or translating into another language, we avoid templates, choosing instead to start from scratch. But even that isn't enough to meet our high standards!

To be absolutely certain that we're avoiding even accidental similarities to existing writing, each and every order is run through PlagScan, professional plagiarism software – included in your basic fee. You will receive the test results together alongside your finished order.


Writing for personal use

Writing for personal use

Websites, letters, or creative writing, eWriters is here to help!

Writing for professional use

Writing for professional use

Effective, efficient writing for entrepreneurs and executives.

Writing for clubs and associations

Writing for clubs and associations

Trust eWriters for fast, engaging copy for your club or association!