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eWriters offers a wide variety of copy custom-written specifically for you by our professional editors and writers. Not sure what you need? Here's a list of some of the popular requests we receive:



Effective advertising copy paints vivid pictures with minimal wordiness, tapping into emotion, psychology, and rational thought simultaneously. eWriters has a team of experts on hand, just contact us to see what we can offer.


Whether it's intended for a small group or a large mailing list, clear writing gets the message across. Make good use of eWriters' experience to ensure your intentions come through.


Articles should be written with the reader in mind. A well-written article conveys knowledge and competence regarding the topic at hand without alienating by using too much jargon or obtuse phrasing. Trust eWriters to write with both authority and inclusivity in mind.


Everybody’s life is a story worth telling, whether you're an entrepreneur, an actor, a parent of four, or a jack-of-all-trades nomad. A biography needs to be accurate, engaging, and eloquent. eWriters’ ghostwriters are here to help you draft your story and tell your tale.

Blog Article

Effective blog articles are current, engaging, and error-free. Consistent schedules are also important in building up a devoted readership, but can be a lot of work to maintain. Fortunately, eWriters' team of copywriters is here to help!


Writing a novel? Or maybe exploring the possibility by drafting a chapter (or few!) as a start? With a long track record of absolute discretion, you can rest easy knowing you have eWriters’ skilled ghostwriters on your side.


A brochure's layout and image choices are important, but solid, concise copy is what will tie it all together. eWriters is your source for impeccable copy that will turn your brochure into advertising art!


Precise, descriptive, enticing. Professional copywriters make for an effective catalog, and make sure your customers will find exactly what they need.


It's important to celebrate the successes, big or small. Taking the time to write a congratulatory note is one way to do this, and commemorate the moment – or, just have eWriters write the note for you!

Cover Letter

A good cover letter opens doors. eWriters will draft a persuasive letter that gets to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively.

Donations Appeal

If your organization is dependant on grants or donations, then you know the importance of careful wording in a donations appeal. A bit of investment when writing can pay off immensely later on. The experienced writers and editors at eWriters are ready to help.


Writing an editorial is an honor, but it can also be a demanding task. It's your moment in the spotlight as a writer, a chance to share opinions and values, but also an open invitation to response or criticism. Make sure your writing is solid and knowledge comes through effectively with eWriters' help.

Guest Contribution

Congratulations on being invited to write as a guest! It's important to know your topic inside-out as you write, just as it's important that your writing engages your audience. Our copywriters and editors are here to make sure your words leave a great impression.

Guide / Manual

Manuals and guidelines are a part of everyday life that's often taken for granted – until we're struggling to make sense of the next step. Fortunately, eWriters is well-versed in writing clearly and concisely so that troubleshooting doesn't just make everything more confusing. Or, if you've already got a draft written up, have our editors go through to ensure everything is as clear and straightforward as possible.


Every event or celebration needs invitations – otherwise how will anyone know to come? They should include the basic information, but adding creative flair will build enthusiasm for the event, or convey just why this one is so important. Start building excitement for your event early with eWriters' help!


A good letter is clear in both its message and language, and important to consider their impact on the reader. Not the easiest task, but eWriters’ writing experts are up to the challenge!


Many organizations publish newsletters, but few actually have much to say. It's too bad, because done well, a newsletter can connect with readers and build relationships. eWriters is here to make sure your newsletters connect with your readership.


Are you demonstrating a new product at a tradeshow? Or presenting a new strategy to your team? The images and slides matter, but so does the wording, both in the slides and in what you say. Don't leave that to chance, contact eWriters to make sure your ideas come through convincingly.

Press Release

The better-phrased a press release, the more impact it can have. Timing and content are equally vital – with 20 years' experience, eWriters will make sure your promotions are a success!

Product Descriptions

Though tedious, product descriptions are vital, and used in so many ways across an organization. Best to have them done by the professionals – have the experienced copywriters at eWriters write your winning descriptions.

Public Relations

These days every organization needs to spend some time on its PR – organizational success depends so much on quality communication. Don't leave it to chance, contact eWriters to have our experienced copywriters and editors on your side.

Real Estate Listing

When selling or renting out a property, you need to sell it well – the listing is often the first interaction it has with a potential buyer or renter. Real estate agents have trusted eWriters over the years to painting a picture with our words that encourages the reader to imagine a potential future from the listing alone. Contact us today to make your listing stand out!


Hosting an event usually means giving a speech, and it's important to be prepared! Similarly, it's important to have a solid speech in your hands as you step up to the mic. Our copywriters have also been writing speeches through MySpeechwriter for over 20 years – take advantage of our experience and ensure the moment is a success.

Technical Article

When you're an expert on a subject, it can be challenging to write for people who aren't as knowledgeable as you. It's easy to slip into using too much jargon, or skipping over explanations because what's common knowledge to you may not be so common to everyone else. eWriters helps you avoid alienating your readers by finding that balance between technical and accessible language.

Thank You

A personalized thank you letter is touching and meaningful. And, a valuable way to strengthen the bond of a relationship, whether with family, friends, clients, or colleagues. Let eWriters help you find the perfect words to express your gratitude.

Website Content

Standing out online demands a quality website, with solid, high-quality, up-to-date content. From a full update of the company website to managing social media channels, eWriters is here for you.

Writing for personal use

Writing for personal use

Websites, letters, or creative writing, eWriters is here to help!

Writing for professional use

Writing for professional use

Effective, efficient writing for entrepreneurs and executives.

Writing for clubs and associations

Writing for clubs and associations

Trust eWriters for fast, engaging copy for your club or association!